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Hypafix is a flexible wide area fixation for securing devices and wound dressings. This breathable fixation product is transversally stretchable, making it ideal for joints and contoured areas and won’t constrict or disturb blood circulation.

  • Chemically inert to rubber and plastics
  • Easy application
  • Flexible and stretchable

Product benefits

A ticked checkbox to indicate that the product is chemically inert.

Chemically inert to rubber and plastics

Chemically inert to rubber and plastics, it´s ideal for securing tubes, catheters, measuring devices and instruments, or dressings of all types.
A ticked checkbox to demonstrate quick and easy application.

Easy application

Can be trimmed to the right size for individual requirements and easily applied by removing the backing paper.
Two hands pulling the product in opposite directions to indicate stretchability.

Flexible and stretchable

Transversally stretchable, makes it ideally suited to joints and frequently moved, highly contoured areas of the body.
Metal chain indicating that this product is highly adhesive.

Highly adhesive

Good initial and permanent adhesive power mean you can rely on it to stay in place.
Air passing through a barrier.

Permeable to air and water vapor

Being permeable to air and water vapor allows the skin to breathe, helping to prevent maceration.
A wound dressing with two arrows to represent stretchability and thus the reduced risk of circulatory problems.

Prevents constriction

Prevents constriction, congestion and disturbance of blood circulation.
An X-ray image.


Well suited for use in medical settings, since there’s no need to remove for X-rays.
A feather demonstrating that this product is gentle on the skin.


Wide area fixation that is not only highly adhesive, but also kind to sensitive skin.

How to use Hypafix

How to use Hypafix
1. Cut off an appropriate size
Cut off an appropriate length using a pair of clean, sharp scissors to prevent the shredding of edges and contamination.

2. Remove the first protective foil
Place the dressing on a flat surface and and peel off one half of the protective film with thumb and index finger.

3. Apply and remove the second protective film
Place the dressing centrally on the wound. Make sure that you only touch the plaster on the protective film and the backside. Peel off the remaining protective film.

4. Smooth out and press
Smooth out the dressing so that it adheres evenly. Apply only slight pressure and avoid tension. To increase the adhesive strength, you can warm the dressing between the palms of your hands before applying it.

Product specifications

Pcs. definition
Hypafix® 7144300 2.5 cm x 1000 cm 1 BOX OF 1 ROLL
Hypafix® 7144301 5 cm x 1000 cm 1 BOX OF 1 ROLL
Hypafix® 7144302 10 cm x 1000 cm 1 BOX OF 1 ROLL
Hypafix® 7144303 15 cm x 1000 cm 1 BOX OF 1 ROLL White Latex Free
Hypafix® 7144304 20 cm x 1000 cm 1 BOX OF 1 ROLL

Information for use

Please make sure to always follow the instructions for use, including the safety information provided with the product. Not at hand? Find the needed safety information in this database!


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