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Sterile post-op

Surgical and traumatic wounds bear the risk of infections. A sterile cover dressing can reduce that risk by safely protecting the postoperative wound from pathogens.
Building on our experience with skin-friendly wound protection, the sterile Leukomed dressing range offers options from a simple cover dressing through bacterial barrier film dressings to bacteria-binding dressings that are proven to reduce the risk of infections.

Bacterial barrier breathable films option
Bacteria-binding option
Reliable adhesives and conforming materials

Minimizing the risk of wound infections.

Leukomed® T plus

Skin-friendly sterile dressing with wound pad for small to medium-sized wounds.


Absorbent, sterile dressing for minor to medium-sized wounds.

Leukomed® T

Sterile dressing for superficial and surgical wounds, and for fixing dressings.

Leukomed® skin sensitive

Absorbent wound dressing for sensitive or fragile skin