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Medical practice or nursing? Find cutting-edge wound care products here!

Wound care is an important task in every nursing and medical profession. While the wound dressing made from wound pad, adhesive mass and backing fabric can still be used for many types of wounds, science teaches us other procedures today: Occlusive and hydroactive dressings are successful developments. Although the choice of products can be confusing - we help you to always make the right choice!

Two Leukoplast products for professional use: Leukoplast soft white and Leukomed T plus.

Cleansing and absorbing

Cleansing and absorption are necessary steps for all open and exuding wounds in order to create the hygienic conditions for problem-free healing.

Protecting & securing

Protecting the wound and fixating the wound dressing creates the necessary basis for an undisturbed healing process.

Skin sensitive

Elderly people and infants, people who are medicated for a long time and diabetics: they often have thin, sensitive skin and need specialized wound care solutions.


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